While achieving my design degree at Kent State University I competed in several Hack-a-thons including the international TNW Hack Battle. Participating in hack-a-thons fueled my passion for creating innovative product designs in a short period of time while collaborating with some of the smartest people around the world.

Before working as a Senior UX Designer at Wellness Coach, a SaaS company, I was the third employee and Design Director at stealth start-up, AiR Everywhere.

There, I established the groundwork for the product design where I continue to strategize and execute the user experience, user interface, branding, and marketing concepts. When designing products I take into account the goals of the business as well as the user experience where I strive for joy of use, one step beyond ease of use.

I’m a natural born leader who strives to nurture the spirits of the people around me.

Outside of my design career I enjoy being in nature, teaching & performing improv comedy, and creating uplifting content for online.

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