Designer? More like Investigator… ?️

UX: A people first mindset • UI: An eye for simplicity, reusability, and scalability • Agile: A fast, iterative, and collaborative approach • Full Stack: A deep understanding of methodologies

Why Sarah?

I've got a lot of strengths: visual design, empathy, strategy, improvisation, and investigation. Every girl I know has a PhD in investigation. But I couldn't care less about boys. I’m here to uncover all of your product’s deepest darkest secrets... I mean problems ?. For the good of your company and for the good of your users. Happy users = happy company. So hire me, okay?

My Design Process

I believe in progress over perfection. I prioritize listening to users, analyzing data, refining business goals, and adjusting one iteration at a time.


  • Problem Investigation
  • User & Stake Holder Interviews
  • Gather and Sort Data

Explore + Design

  • Ideation
  • Wireframes + Prototypes
  • Early Test with Users


  • High Fidelity Prototype
  • Specs & Asset Pass-off


  • Usability Tests
  • User Surveys to Gather Feedback
  • Data Gathering Tools