About Sarah

Sarah has over 10 years of experience in visual design, with a 5-year focus on UX/UI design and start-ups. She has a proven track record of creating impactful, on-brand, user-friendly solutions that drive business growth. Sarah excels in designing scalable, engaging interfaces by leveraging her expertise in usability, design systems, and end-to-end processes within agile, cross-functional teams.

Sarah demonstrates leadership by seamlessly transitioning into various roles as needed, including product management, where she excels in documenting and communicating feature requirements, and identifying areas for improvement which has resulted in significant cost savings and enhanced workflows, while utilizing her training in improv theater to foster a collaborative environment. As a versatile leader, she brings multifaceted expertise, proactive problem-solving, and innovative strategies to drive your company’s success and growth.

Additional Experience

eCommerce Web Design

2 years exp

Responsive, conversion-focused sites and landing pages

Digital Design & Marketing

7 years exp

High-converting campaigns across digital ads, video, email, web, and social media


7 years exp

Building sites in WordPress


4 years exp

building custom emails and editing WordPress templates. Knows the basics of responsive web and Bootstrap framework.