Art and technology has been a big part of my life starting from a young age. At the age of 5, my Little Tikes drawing desk allowed me to draw several pictures of cats; and by age 11, my father and I were taking apart computers and reconfiguring them.

In college I had a fascination with merging art and technology. There, I started attending Hack-a-thons. Kent State’s Fashion/Tech Hack-a-thon merged fashion and tech where I could experiment with wearables. After attending Hack Battle New York, I learned about the Internet of Things and how connecting objects to applications could make our interconnectivity much larger and the world much smaller. With Hack Battle Amsterdam, I learned about APIs and how impactful something so small, like an integration, could improve a product offering.

Along with attending Hack-a-thons, I got my hands on real world projects where I partnered with a friend to run a textbook price comparison website, Textbookly.com.

Beyond college, I have made my career extremely focused in web and app design. I have experience working with eCommerce, start-ups, augmented reality, and much more.

Outside of art and technology, I am a multi-disciplinary artist. Sometimes I like to call myself a full-stack creative. I participate in improv, acting, photography, video-editing, writing, and whatever else I can get my hands on.

With creativity being chaotic in nature, I love creating systems of organization that are easy to use for anyone. I’d say that one of my best friends is Jira.

I’m excited to work with people who love to stay curious and believe in progress over perfection.

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