Visual & Strategic Partner in Design

Hello, I'm Sarah

Sarah studied Visual Communication Design with a focus of Interaction Design at Kent State University. She has over 9 years of experience designing for the digital world. Her career started in designing for responsive eCommerce websites and it has evolved to working for several mobile product start-ups. Over the years she has competed and won several hack-a-thon competitions. Sarah spoke about her hack-a-thon experiences at the Weapons of Mass Creation conference in 2017. Sarah gets joy out of influencing product design and vision. She can balance both high level and low level thinking to accomplish long term and short term product goals. Sarah works well in open and collaborative teams and enjoys growing her skills and learning from others.

Experience Innovator • Visual Conceptor • Customer Advocate • Natural Collaborator • Strategic Thinker

My Design Process

I believe in progress over perfection. I prioritize listening to users, analyzing data, refining business goals, and adjusting one iteration at a time.


  • Problem Investigation
  • User & Stake Holder Interviews
  • Gather and Sort Data

Explore + Design

  • Ideation
  • Wireframes + Prototypes
  • Early Test with Users


  • High Fidelity Prototype
  • Specs & Asset Pass-off


  • Usability Tests
  • User Surveys to Gather Feedback
  • Data Gathering Tools