The Brief

We need a great creative designer to help us brand the new product of wedowe. It’s called pluswhat.

Tagline: Everyone is born with at least two talents.

It’s a talent program and real learn and work environment for youth with a distance from the job market. The jobs that we train them for are in the communication field with a focus on audio visual expressions. We want to uncover the talents of these unseen and unheard voices. Since our target audience program wise is youth (16-27). The design has to be cool and sexy with an edge. It has to speak to them (the unseen rebels of our time).

We would need a logo and related assets for web and print.

Some examples for inspiration

We thought of people like Childish Gambino or Joey Badass as icons that could our talents could relate to. They have both multiple talents on a very high level, they are unique in their styles and they also (sort of) advocate positive values in society.

The Logo

Colors & Typography





Big John

Logo Font & Header Font


Alternative Header Font


Body Font

Branding in Use

Logo Explorations